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Garage door springs can break down due to wear & tear, temperature & improper maintenance. If you hear loud noise while using your garage door opener or your door isn't moving at all, there's a chance that your garage door springs need repair. Call Garage Door Spring San Antonio, TX!

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What Garage Door Springs Do?

We all use garage doors more than the front door & because of the many times it is opened in a day, and it goes up and down during the year, it needs maintenance. Garage door springs help to reduce the effort of the garage door opener as they carry the heavyweight of your entire door.

When your garage door spring breaks, the door won't go up or down as the garage door opener won't be able to move your door on its own! Thus you need Garage Door Spring San Antonio, TX to perform any garage door repair when one needs this vital home facility to be fixed.

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How To Know The Spring Is Broken?

When your garage door springs break, you will know! Garage door springs are made of metal coils that are wound very tight & locked into place, which means they are under lots of pressure! When one spring breaks, whether torsion or extension, all the tension is released & you will hear a sound like a gunshot sound!

The broken garage door spring might end up flying off the torsion & cause severe damages to your garage door or, even worse, hurt you or any of your loved ones. Thus, if you noticed a broken garage door spring repair or replacement service in San Antonio, Texas, give Garage Door Spring San Antonio, TX a call.

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Can I Replace Door Springs Myself?

It's never a good idea to try installing or replacing your garage door springs on your own. Garage door springs are under lots of pressure & tension. Thus they are dangerous to deal with on your own. During the installation process, the springs can break or snap, which can cause you property damages or bodily injuries, or even worse, death!

For that, we recommend hiring a professional garage door repair specialist to handle any garage door repair or replacement you have, like Garage Door Spring San Antonio, TX. Regardless of what type of door you have, replace the garage door spring with us can help you avoid further damages at cheap prices; give us a call today!

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